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SAGE Zimbabwe

managed by R. Munjoma

About us

Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship—SAGE—is an international network that links teams of secondary school students to nearby university students, business leaders and civic leaders.

The SAGE mission is to help create the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders whose innovations and social enterprises address the major unmet needs of our global community.

What is SAGE?

Under the helpful and guiding eye of their university business consultants and mentors, SAGE provides high-school students with an opportunity to complete business and social ventures to improve their communities. At the end of the academic year, the student teams showcase their efforts on a regional, national and world stage. It is a free, non-membership service available to all advocates of education in private and social entrepreneurship.

A team of high-school students is first organized and at least two mentors are identified from local businesses and universities. The size of a team ranges from five to fifty members. With guidance from their university mentors, the team must then complete at least one entrepreneurship venture and one community service venture during the academic year.

At the end of the academic year, teams come together to showcase their efforts through interscholastic tournaments These competitions provide an opportunity to not only show off their efforts, but, also, “benchmark” themselves against other teams for future improvements. The “referees” for these competitions come from local and international businesses, as well as the civic, nonprofit, and education communities, giving the competitions a true “real world” perspective which helps build team competency.


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R. Munjoma

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