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Rwenzori Association of Parents of Children with D

managed by M. Wilson

About us

Rwenzori Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities (RAPCD) is a Non Governmental Organization founded in 2004 by parents of children with disabilities. It is the Umbrella organization through which Kasese District Union of Persons with Disabilities and the District Community Development Department network with grass root children with disabilities.

It works closely with parents/guardians and families of children with disabilities aiming at creating a unified voice of the voiceless children in Kasese District to challenge situations that dehumanize children with disabilities.

Basically the aim of the organization is to strengthen and empower parents of children with disabilities to work together to find the way to care for their children and sensitize the community on the rights and care of children with disabilities.
To empower parents/guardians and children with disabilities to be able to promote and advocate for equality of rights and opportunities for children with disabilities
A society where children with disabilities have and enjoy equal rights and opportunities in their livelihood
ACTIVITIES of the Association
RAPCD activities fall under the following programme Components:
1- Awareness and promotion of rights of children with disabilities
2- Empowerment of parents of children with disabilities
3- Supporting children’s health and education
4- Capacity Building
5- Net working

Latest project news


  M. Wilson  07 January 2016 at 04:05 AM

A child with no anus excreting from an opening on the abdomen is suffering with smell, isolation and inferiority complex. The 12 year boy has failed to go to school due to the fear to expose other children to smell. Flies are always around the boy and no child is willing to associate with him. He is due for operation to have normal life but family has no money. US Dollars 500 is required to have the boy rescued from the situation. Kindly Help.

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M. Wilson

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