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Pro Homine

managed by B. Marquart

About us

It all began with Pro Homine’s Dental Aid Project, which has been offering professional training and has helped to establish and equip dental practices in Uganda for more than 15 years. Over the years, Pro Homine has supported a number of young dental assistants and dentists and helped them to establish their own dental practices. It has also provided substantial support for the Mulago Dental School by supplying materials and coordinating equipment repairs and maintenance; in addition, Pro Homine has organized technical support for the repair of the x-ray machines in Mulago Hospital Complex and Mengo Dental Clinic. Pro Homine’s activities have also gone beyond the city of Kampala, e.g. by maintaining an outpost at Hillside College Mityana Dispensary Dental Unit.
Over the past five years, Pro Homine has organized and facilitated specialized training in several fields of modern dentistry to dentists, dental assistants and dental laboratory technicians in Uganda. Some of the training programmes have been conducted in Uganda and Austria. So far, more than 10 Ugandan beneficiaries have been fully sponsored by Pro Homine’s Dental Aid Project for post-diploma training courses in Austria. The main focus of the Dental Aid Project has been on dental health and educating the local population to empower them to improve the standards of dental care through their own efforts.
Based on the experience of more than a decade of humanitarian aid, Pro Homine has now developed the vision of building a modern dental centre in the heart of Uganda that is to materialize the full potential of its Dental Aid Project in the past. The mission of Pro Homine’s present initiative is ambitious – the Candace International Dental Centre is aimed at promoting modern dental education and quality dental treatment for the people of Ethiopia and its neighbouring countries.


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