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Turnverein 1894 Zell am Neckar e.V.

managed by Birgit S.

About us

The “Turnverein Zell” has more than 850 members.
This means that statistically every fourth person living in Zell would be a member of the club. But even statistics have flaws because over 48% of the members are coming from communities around Zell. Quality speaks for itself!
Officially everything started on 11th August 1894 with the founding meeting. The plan to start a club is supposed to be even older.
Today competent and experienced coaches are taking care of the following sections at three different training areas:
Parent-Kids-Gymnastics, Volleyball, Pre-School- and Kids Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics, Basketball, Jazzdance, Athletics, Aerobic, Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Health Sports, Parkour, Nordic-Walking and Table-Tennis.
Tall or small, young or old – there is something for everybody! We bring people together and keep them fit! More information

Latest project news

Wir haben 9,00 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Birgit S.  04 March 2021 at 01:50 PM

Wir werden mit den Spendengeldern unsere Parcour-Gruppe unterstüzen, sobald wir genügend Spenden für diegrößere Anschaffung dafür gesammelt haben. Leider ist es bis dahin noch einer weiter weg. wir freuen uns aber über jden Geldeingang. 

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Lienhardstraße 4
Esslingen am Neckar

Birgit S.

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