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managed by M. Rose

About us

We are creating the first trans-European blog, BRAVE NEW EUROPE, to publish analyses and opinions with a radical face and attitude concerning European politics and economics. Among our contributors will be around 100 distinguished European experts challenging the predominant political and media discourse. The blog will emphasize a democratic exchange of ideas supporting the creation of an egalitarian, just and social option to neo-liberal Europe.

Latest project news

Ich habe 485,53 € Spendengelder erhalten

  M. Rose  06 June 2019 at 02:25 PM

We are pleased to announce that we are continuing our project of mapping neo-liberalism in the EU with articles from young, up and coming authors from throughout the European Union. We are thus raising awareness of European citizens about developments within the EU, while also training young European authors to think and write in EU wide dimensions.

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