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The Press Institute

managed by A. Sun

About us

The Press Institute operates independent Global Training Sites and News Desks and collaborates with organizations dedicated to human development and responsible journalism in order to offer its original award-winning journalism training curricula to media outlets and individuals around the world.

Since our founding in 2006, The Press Institute has trained and employed over 100 women in the developing world to be responsible, ethical journalists. We target marginalized women, such as the untouchable caste in Nepal, indigenous women in Mexico, and former prostitutes and HIV+ women in Kenya. Receiving journalism training provides these women, who often have difficulty finding gainful employment, the opportunity to take on semi-public professions, establish themselves as literate leaders, provoke social change and mindfulness, challenge discrimination, speak for the silenced, and earn strong living wages with a dignified profession.

In addition, our programs strengthen the reporting skills of mainstream news organizations and individual reporters around the world. Our Journalism Training programs and Specialty Reporting seminars create and promote bold, responsible, solutions-based journalism everywhere.


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