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About us

1. Introduction.
Puntland Agro-Livestock Cooperative organization (PALCO) is a private non-government organization formed by groups of local small scale farmers and livestock herders as a profit making cooperative for physically disabled people, drought stricken nomads who lost all or almost all their livestock as well as displaced or otherwise unemployed especially former militia men.
The organization was established in June 2008. As with any great endeavor, the scope as well as the purpose of our undertaking evolved gradually over a period time. The immediate aim of PALCO organization is to improve standard of living for PALCO community by bringing together the elements that would enable them help themselves such as land acquisition, managerial capacity building, fundraising and the finding interested donors. The organization conforms to the requirements and legal effects issued concerning Puntland state agencies/line ministries.


puntland, Galkaio, Somalia

A. Hussein

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