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Compassion for Huamanity Foundation Ghana

managed by Emmanuel N.

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Adawso a community with about 10,000+ has over 44 villages’ .Adawso serving as the main town for all human activities, has electricity but lack water, only small wells could be seen within the main town and some surrounding villages. During the dry season, water becomes very scares.

The town has few schools, and no senior secondary school. The level of education is very low. The main occupation is farming and faming employs 90% of the population.
Mostly small scale faming, and most parent are poor and can’t take care of their children. Many youth and children can be seen during market days selling to make a living.
The town also has a high record of teenage girls becoming pregnant before completing school.

A typical rural household consists of multiple generations - the old, the middle-aged, and the young. Adults provide for the needs of the children and the elderly, the elderly socialize the children and give advice to other adults, and children provide labour and companionship to parents and grandparents. The hand of the child cannot reach the shelf nor can the hand of the elder get through the neck of the gourd on the shelf (Akan proverb). Thus, old and young support each other in economic and social activities.



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