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managed by T. Krejci

About us

Austrian runningteam with close partnership to Kenyan athletics team run2gether.

2gether -
the aim of our project is that athletes from both Austria and Kenya can give each other mutual support in line with this motto – whether run2gether, train2gether or live2gether things become easier and ideas can come to fruition that probably seemed unrealistic before.

Our vision -
Mutual benefits at a variety of different levels – of this we are totally convinced – will make us a stronger team together. Running and training together at running camp weeks during the summer at the Hebalm, organised running tours to races with personal contact to the very top elite athletes, insight into the everyday and sporting lives of Austrian and Kenyan runners, culinary and musical impulses, altitude training camps with friends in Kenya, the sport of running as a stable base for the economic well-being of our Kenyan athletes – all ideas as well as visions that we are planning to realise together

Our objectives -
We want to provide Kenyan athletes, their families and lots of enthusiastic young runners with the opportunity and appropriate basic conditions to help themselves to finance and master their lives through running.

Help for self-help and not just a one-way project – all our members and running camp guests also gain in many different ways from this partnership. A unique chance to get to learn a very different culture from a really authentic perspective is very rare indeed, but our project really enables you to make new friends and to expand your personal horizons.


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