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managed by o. Naaman

About us

Matumaini (faith)ahero orphanage home is a home based orphanage project that was started in the year 2007 to help the kids who were affected by various calamities like post election violence, HIV/AIDS,extreme poverty and neglect from family.This project is dedicated to provide better education,living life style and a hope in their life.our main vision, mission and success are as follows:


TO support the little beautiful kids of nyando and kisumu district in nyanza kenya who are affected emotionally and financially due to the loss of parent in post election violence in2007,effect of HIV aids,extreme poverty within the family, for them to get opportunity level of education in the world as other kids who come from other family backgrounds in the society.

to reduce the number of village kids loitering around within the society to get a better education.

to stop the rate of child labor by enlightening there minds through education.

to make a light shine on the face of the needy kids.

to reduce the level of poverty in the society


our success so far has been the support of 30 kids from different society educating from different schools with full school uniform and books from our own saving.

we have manage to buy a land and fenced it for which so far we are in the process of building up latrines and toilets which will be used in future.


our aims is to make this project to be known world wide as it will be an affiliate of better place organization so that more organizations like red cross,child fund Kenya UNICEF,Care Kenya and Ogra foundation to be attracted to provide the support also to this kids.



o. Naaman

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