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Austrian Baptist Aid seeks to be active wherever people want to change their surroundings. We understand the term ‘development help’ in the simplest meaning of the word: we want to help our partners wherever development takes place or can take place. This approach means that we can also understand development help in a national or regional sense – development help isn’t just necessary in the third world. Therefore, we love to support projects both at home and abroad in the one world of God.

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We received a payout of €516.73

  D. Bunce  18 September 2019 at 03:31 PM

Dear supporters

Thank you for your generous partnership with us in our refugee and integration work. 2019 continues to be a challenging year, but we also rejoice over signs of life and growth in the project.

The biggest challenge remains the increased stringency of the Austrian coalition government regarding asylum cases for refugees. We are experiencing more and more difficult cases and are spending a lot of our time accompanying people to asylum hearings. We are grateful for people who have partnered with us to help us provide this service, and to support us in the legal expenses that arise. 

Communal eating continues to be a big part of the refugee and integration work. This doesn't just involve large communal meals on Sundays, but also includes a new project: a monthly woman's brunch. This is an opportunity for a safe, multicultural woman's space where friendships can be built and healing can occur. The need for such women's spaces is great and we are thankful that you are partnering with us through donating to community meals to make this possible.

Once again, thank you for your generosity and for sharing our vision. We believe that community projects such as ours are key in an increasingly difficult context. We look forward to continuing to believe and work together

The FIA Team

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Krummgasse 7/4

D. Bunce

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