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Austrian Baptist Aid

managed by Juli Kuhs

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Austrian Baptist Aid seeks to be active wherever people want to change their surroundings. We understand the term ‘development help’ in the simplest meaning of the word: we want to help our partners wherever development takes place or can take place. This approach means that we can also understand development help in a national or regional sense – development help isn’t just necessary in the third world. Therefore, we love to support projects both at home and abroad in the one world of God.

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We received a payout of €154.05

  Juli Kuhs  09 June 2021 at 02:36 PM

We say good-bye for now and hope for a new beginning!
We regret to say that our project FIA (refugee and integration ministry) can no longer be supported through the platform "betterplace".
So we want to say thank you and goodbye for now.
We are so thankful that this project was meaningful to you and we thank you for your support and care for us in the past.
We will continue to carry out project FIA as there is still plenty to do in working with and alongside refugees.
We warmly welcome you to partner with us in the future and support this important work in Austria, Vienna.

Hilfsverein der Baptisten FIA-ProGe Wien
IBAN: AT981420020010924546

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