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About us

Investing in people to prepare them to be citizens, is not just a vision, but is the very first mission that ReCivitas, Institute for the Revitalization of the Citizenship is literally performing since its founding on the 7th of october, 2006.

Because Citizenship is the right of freedom and social, political and economic security. Human ideal which takes place only inside and through the Civil Society.

ReCivitas: We put all our capital in the human beings.
Independent projects, implemented and in progress:

Free Books and Toys - Learning to share: Ethics, Citizenship and Respect for the Common Good. Trust-based system, excels in simplicity: each person (adult or child) without bureaucracy can borrow a book and a toy, and they can simply return them to catch others.

Fforde 409 & 411: Restoration and Conservation of the Cultural Heritage in Paranapiacaba. 409 and 411 are the addresses of two members of the ReCivitas that are living, preserving and seeking to recover this set of historic houses built in 1897 by English railway SPR in the Atlantic Forest.

PERMANENT FUND for the BASIC INCOME OF CITIZENSHIP of PARANAPIACABA - Monetary Fund, whose income is intended to fill a social safety net for residents of Paranapiacaba, sustained by payment of an unconditional basic income in keeping the capital needed for their livelihood with dignity.

CONSORTIUM of the BASIC INCOME OF CITIZENSHIP - Quatinga Velho - Consortium of individuals that are undertaking the first experience of Brazil that guarantees the right to an unconditional basic income. Intended for all members of the community of Quatinga Vellho without any kind of discrimination, bureaucracy or curtailment of freedom and civic responsibility.


R. Rosa S. Capelli
Sao Paulo

Bruna P.

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