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About us

CampusAsyl is a Regensburg based organisation that aims to contribute to creating a diverse society. We want to promote equal participation for people of all backgrounds through both practical action and political positioning.

In more than 20 groups offering a wide range of activities, people from different backgrounds – such as trainees, students, employees, pensioners and many others with and without experience of fleeing and migration from Regensburg’s society – can meet and get actively involved.

We place great value on reflective action and incorporate academic findings into our work in cooperation with Regensburg’s universities. The participants and their involvement in the many groups are the heart of the organisation.

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OP erfolgreich!

  L. Singer  20 October 2016 at 02:40 PM

Liebe Unterstüzterinnen und Unterstützer,

diese Woche hat uns die Nachricht aus dem Krankenhaus in Skopje erreicht, dass die Operation erfolgreich durchgeführt wurde. Auch ein Telefonat mit der Familie war möglich und dem Jungen geht es gut.

Wir danken allen, die diese Operation möglich gemacht haben!

CampusAsyl e.V.

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