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Project de Sante a Fizi ( PROSAFI )

managed by K. Obedi

About us

Project de Sante a Fizi (PROSAFI) in English Health Project Fizi is a non-governmental organization, formed in 2013 in Baraka. a peri-urbain location in Fizi territory. The organization was established after the realization of inadequate attention given to the health issues that are affecting Fizi territory populations. Its stated mission is addressing health needs, solving health problems, existing and happening and working for excellent health services, responses, and organization, everywhere within the territory of Fizi. Its vision is to make Fizi territory a healthier community in which health sector is excellently organized and in which all inhabitants benefit a lifetime of good health.
Main focus areas include:
Improvement of preventive, curative and promotional medicine activities.Food security and nutrition.
water and sanitation.Veterinary activities.rehabilitation,building,equipment ,upgrading of health facilities.Other areas with impact to health.


Congo (Democratic Republic)

K. Obedi

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