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rapsado development initiative uganda

managed by s. opolot

About us

Rapsado development organization initiative Uganda (RDIU) is nonprofit organization duly registered as a community based organization with pallisa local government REG No 1434 and CERTIFICATE No 1634. With a goal of improving lives of orphans, vulnerable and marginalized children and youth through creation of sustainable future. We believe that if they disadvantaged children and youth if their potential is well harnessed, supported, skilled and empowered they would significantly contribute to Ugandans’ vision 2040 as well as globally sustainable development goals.

Mission statement:
To provide orphaned care, skills enhancement, enterprise venture seed capital, leadership and managerial support for improving well-being of the target group.

Vision statement
To be vibrant institution focused to improving lives orphans, vulnerable, marginalized children and youth through creation of sustainable

objective of rapsado.

Provide basic needs for orphaned care like shelters, food, water, and clothing


agule pallisa

s. opolot

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