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Stars of Poverty Rescue Foundation (SPRF)

managed by Dr. Suleiman Charles M.

About us

SPRF is Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that was registered in Dar Es Salaam under the NGO Act No. 24 of 2002 on 30th of Dec, 2014.Its registration number is No. 00007709.
SPRF is capable of acquiring, owning, purchasing and alienating movable and/or immovable properties and shall remain a non-profit making organization in Tanzania.
SPRF is a National NGO operating in all Districts of Tanzania Mainland.

Vision Statement:
To become a Supreme Center of Excellence in advocating poverty relief in all folk of life in Tanzania.
Goal # 1: Create enabling environment for poverty relief actions
Goals #2: Create support systems to help the vulnerable individuals and groups
Goal #3: Establish Health & educational programs to Support vulnerable individuals and groups
Goal #4: Promote cooperation and linkages between local and international groups for sustainable poverty eradication in Tanzania
Goal #5: Strengthen SPRF Institutional Capacity and optimize its operational processes.


Sokione Rd

Dr. Suleiman Charles M.

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