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managed by R. Kessy

About us


A project to educate young mothers of children “under five years” in Msaranga and Kiboriloni Wards in Moshi Municipality on proper care and handling of their young babies and children who are below five years old

 Mothers educated on the importance of attending MCH clinics when they become pregnant and after delivery
 Mothers educated on unfavourable conditions to bring-up/raise their babies and children
 Children of the age under five years saved from vulnerable conditions.
 Children and their educated mothers growing and living healthily
 Mothers educated on the importance of child-spacing

 To educate mothers on the importance of attending MCH clinics when they become pregnant and to continue attending even after delivery
 To educate mothers on their health standards when pregnant and proper caring and bringing up of their children healthily
 To educate mothers on conditions which are not favourable to bring-in/raise their babies and children
 To save children of under five years old from vulnerable conditions they become subject to by negligent mothers
 To save children of less than five years old from bad health brought about by conditions that could be evaded
 To ensure health of mothers and children of under five years old through education to mothers and focusing on preventive behaviour
 To support MCH skills as planned by the government and the ministry of health
 To improve information systems and better collection of data in order to enhance utilization and measurement of key health indicator of children below five years old and their mothers
 To support the Moshi Municipal Council initiatives via our useful project integration planning where appropriate

THE PROPOSED BUDGET: United States Dollar $ 9,808

Latest project news

Improving MCH at Msaranga & Kiboriloni

  R. Kessy  01 March 2010 at 07:41 AM

Good morning Betterplace!

I am writing for vulnerable children in Msaranga and Kiboriloni Wards in Moshi Municipality, Tanzania the children whose mothers neglect to attend mother and child health care (MCH). I would like to appeal to all well wishers to contribute to this project which will cover 180 mothers/women. The project has not received any money so far.

Richard Kessy

Project Coordinator

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R. Kessy

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