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Rachna International School

managed by C. Stegmüller

About us

The Rachna International School is a semi-private school based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and offers English classes to students from a poor neighborhood. Children from age 3 to 15 can attend English classes for a small monthly tuition, but the school also covers course fees for students who can't afford to pay for their education.
The school was founded by Mr Mora and his wife: they are currently managing it and sponsoring it with their own money because the school is too small to earn governmental help.

Latest project news

Thanks for donating

  C. Stegmüller  27 October 2016 at 10:27 PM

As from October 31st, this project will no longer be able to receive donations due to a change in German laws concerning charity projects. 
I want to thank our 3 very important donors: your money has been collected and will be sent to Rachna International School soon. Kids will be happy and will have the chance to follow English courses at the school. 
Thanks for donating to our project; keep up with the good work, and may your life be always full of love and generosity. 

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C. Stegmüller

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