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Goal of the humanitarian organization "Sadake e.V." is to collect and distribute financial aid and to raise funds to help self-help in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The work of "Sadake e.V." is aimed at individual needy, families or ways which are in a severe existential crisis, but can not expect any other assistance in any other way. The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina has killed countless lives in the years 1992-1995, devastated the country, destroyed its economy, and expelled thousands of its homeless. Torn families, destroyed existences, unemployment, a lack of social security and the still too slow progress of reconstruction force many people to live in poverty. Hardly anyone cares about these people today. Donations and aid from all over the world that flowed after the war have now come to a standstill

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Ich habe 1.393,29 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Badema N.  10 July 2018 at 05:35 PM

Hiermit berichten wir das unser Projekt Hilfe für ältere Menschen während Monat Ramadan, beendet ist. In Zentral Bosniens Städte: Sarajevo, Visoko, Kakanj, Ilijas etc. wurden Essenspakete gekauft, Medikamenten besorgt, Rechnungen für Strom, Miete, Wasser bezahlt. Es sind insgesamt um 4000 EUR bereitgestellt, davon 1.393,29 EUR was über Betterplace Plattform gesammelt ist. Wir danken Ihnen für das vertrauen. Sadake Team

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