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Center for Talent Expression "CTE"

managed by Mariam S.

About us

Having realized the high inflation in unemployment, low income, poverty, school dropped outs, child abuse, child labor, child trafficking etc... And for that reason, realizing the need to find an avenue to help, assist, support, and contribute to the helpless
and the handicapped etc... By, at least, to bringing down some of these situations, the CENTRE FOR TALENT EXPRESSION has been established in Winneba and it is a non-racial, non-governmental and non-profit making establishment
that provides FREE TRAINING to help and to assist the communities, especially the youth, the general public and anyone interested – to develop their knowledge and skills, also, to create a situation that would conceal the future embarrassments of their lives.
The Centre provides opportunities for young boys and girls and even adults to excel their Talent.


Koje Baidoo

Mariam S.

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