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"Richhen Yoebar Buddhist temple construction"

managed by K. Tashi

About us

Welcome to our official "Richhen Yoebar Buddhist Temple Construction Project" initiated by two young spiritually devoted sisters for the well-being of Nanong community. The foundation for the Temple Construction has been already laid with whatever money was saved by the sisters during the last 10 years.

The sisters however, are of special need money, As they are from disadvantaged remote family. Currently, 7-members committee is formed and registered to help the sister's expatiate the construction.

The committee of 7 people's registered (DCHS-DCO/O-19-2012-2013-535) with the Royal Government of Bhutan. We would like to appeal "ALL KIND HEARTED PEOPLE" around the globe to give us financial helping hands by donating a little amount of money for the construction of above mentioned Temple in Nanong.

Your financial contribution will be of invaluable help and will boost the determination of two sisters to complete the construction. Which in turn will benefit all sentient beings from the prayers that will be performed daily by a group of monk's. To be specific, the Temple Constricted with your financial help will benefit 150 households in Nanong community. Which have been lacking a proper place for spiritual practice for more than 10 years, All the natives people are religious and faithful in noble cause of deeds.

The two sisters and the committee pray for the well-being and happiness of all our contributor and others.let peace and happiness prevail in the world for all times to come.

Thanks You, from the bottom of our hearts with all of the gratitude and affection that we could possibly offer. So, we are counting every second for your swift support.of course will great ful if you could inform your relative, friend and parents too.
Determined, Hopeful are always grateful


If you have any further queries about our project please feel free to contact us through mail at



K. Tashi

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