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About us

kiangure Springs Environment Initiative (KSEI) is a registered Community Based Organization under the laws of Kenya that works towards enhancing resilience of communities towards impacts of climate change in the Aberdare ecosystem of Kenya. The Project is located on the Eastern side of the Aberdare Forest. The Aberdare forest is the source of Rivers that are tributaries of Tana,Kenyas biggest river. Our overall objective is to support the upper Tana catchment community in Poverty reduction through improved livelihood systems and the Conservation of Community natural resources and initiatives for enhanced environmental management and governance.Our beneficiaries include the catholic community in Nyeri Diocese.
Our Programmes are:

1) Renewable energy promotion-(improved cook-stoves, briquettes, solar, and bio-gas) Under this programme we have enabled 1000 households adopt ICS,500 adopt solar lamps ,19 households adopt biogas and 10 secondary schools adopt Biogas technology, promotion and production of Briquettes
2) Environment conservation- tree planting (bamboo, fruits, indigenous tree species) Planted over 500,000 seedlings in the Aberdare ecosystem
3)Environmental education Working with youth groups, schools and community groups to promote environmental education.
4)Climate change and environmental awareness Working with Canadian Organization to create community level awareness on climate change through mural art.
5)Governance & Democracy The purpose of this program is to create an empowered society that can demand for democratic practice at all levels and participate in governance issues. The main projects under this include Alternative Leadership Programme, Women Civic Empowerment Program, Youth Empowerment program and Natural resource management . The overall objective of this programme is to entrench community participation in governance and democratic processes thereby creating an informed society that can demand for democratic practices at all levels and participate in governance issues.
6)Food Security &Sustainable livelihoods This project seeks to improve food security and ensure sustainable livelihoods through integrated intervention focusing on:
a)Sustainable Agriculture The main activities under this program include crop diversification, promotion of organic agriculture and initiation of community agricultural extension schemes. Similarly, livestock, fish, and poultry farming are encouraged with emphasis on efficient utilization of the small farm sizes. Over 500 households have benefited with poultry ,fish and Dairy goats.. There is emphasis on climate smart agriculture to reduce emissions, improve soil fertility, and conserve our water resources.

b) Community Health & Nutrition This is an initiative through which KSEI trains community health workers (CHWs), and peer educators to promote health education within the community and hence promote best practices in community health and nutrition
c)Gender & HIV/AIDS Project Under this project KSEI has in the last three years been involved in awareness creation, sensitization and behavior change advocacy focusing especially on women as the most vulnerable group
d)Water & Sanitation This component focuses on the improvement of sanitation both at domestic and institutional level. The domestic water supply and quality to mitigate the effects of waterborne and other diseases in the community. This is done through sanitation education and adoption of Integrated Biogas technology and conservation of natural water sources.

Latest project news


  joram m.  08 April 2016 at 06:00 PM

The 2016 Tree plating season has started with the planting of 20,000 indigenous trees in progress During this month off April  in our local forests.Our target is 50,000 and we look forward to welwishers for continued support.

We are working with youth and women groups to plant trees in farms and forests.They are providing the seedlings and planting them and in return will earn incentives to improve their livelihoods eg. cook stoves,solar lamps  and Airtime.

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