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Nuru Orphans Centre

managed by MARCO F.

About us

Nuru Orphans Centre for abandoned babies and most vulnerable children and orphans. It is a non – profit making organization established in 1999 and registered in 2002. See The Centre is operating in East Africa – Tanzania in Mbeya region. The centre is in the margin of Mbeya city council, situated in Mantanji village. The Centre is built in a 2 acre land which was provided by the villagers as part of their contribution to help the orphaned and abandoned babies. Since its establishment the centre has helped 98 abandoned and orphaned children and more than 4000 most vulnerable children who were helped in clothing, shelter, food and education, and business startups respectively. Moreover, establishment of the centre to the village has helped more than 3000 villagers currently living in the village through supplying them with water pipes of which they can fetch water at their doorsteps. Previously the villagers were traveling 2 to 3 miles to look for water. The Centre since its establishment has been helped by well wishers inside the country and others from outside the country. The centre has also reached some milestones since 2002 which are the construction of the first dormitory which was done by well wishers from Switzerland; the Second was the expansion of Nuru orphans Centre where, three more Dormitories were built by the Japanese Embassy.
Currently the centre is helping more that 30 children who are living at the centre aged between 0 to 10 years old.




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