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managed by G. SAYENDA

About us

PAMBAZUKO LA JAMII ENDELEVU is a Tanzanian Non Gorvenmental and Non profit making organization. It's where sayenda orphans and street children Foundation project works under;
The project objectives are Focused on ;

.The establishment of a home for the homeless and distressed orphans and street children.

. Providing immediate needs and other timely needs of orphans and street children like food,
clothing, shelter and elementary education for the orphans and street children, training them in the
self reliance skills that will be available at the center for vocational and enterpreneurship training.

.Nurture sick and malnourished Orphans and street children for better health and keep them well and strong through child survival program.

. To educate the community about the causes and needs of orphans and street children.

. To network with other like-minded organizations and individuals to exchange ideas, experiences and techniques so that together we can build a stronger and more caring community. It is located in Mwanza region.
..Saving people with Albinism

Latest project news

Lets us save our children in risks.

  G. SAYENDA  19 June 2016 at 10:56 AM

Street children have many challenges to the street They normally live on the street, some work on the street, others spend much of their time ‘hanging out’ in public spaces and don’t go to school. Some street children maintain relationships with their family whereas others have lost or broken all contact with their families. They are mentioned by different names ‘ sometimes are called ‘runaways’ or ‘children in beggars situations’ or increasingly as ‘street-connected children’. Whatever they are called, they are children for whom the street plays a significant role in their everyday lives and identities and for that case ,they need to have a special place to live with maximum protection and asurance with their basic needs of daily living. They need food,clothes, shoes , health insurance and go back to school for those who dropped out from it basing on their reason behind.

All of these have been spoken and shown by street kids we interviewed during our reintegration services with them in Mwanza city.
We call upon all stakeholders, donors and other people with good wills to the children to support us on meeting our mission and vision on helping our children in the street now.
Remember Every act of kindness to our children today will make a difference in their future life.
Save the children today to reduce the number of beggars and independants tomorrow.

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