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Sparcho Bangladesh Foundation

managed by E. Sajib

About us


" Touching the Heart Of Bangladesh "

"Build a better Bangladesh through changes in quality of life of the less advantaged."


The mission of Sparcho Bangladesh Foundation is to bring forth fundamental socio-economic change in the lives of the less advantaged people of Bangladesh by addressing the needs in the three major areas:
Establishment of education :
Support less advantaged academic and vocational merits to achieve excellence and advancement of education system in Bangladesh.

Generate awareness in dormant aptitude and success potential.

Remedy for health needs:
Make basic health services available to disadvantaged people.

Support advancement of medical service infrastructure in Bangladesh.
Promotion of sustained subsistence:
Provide income generation opportunities among the disadvantaged people of Bangladesh.

Provide food, medical, shelter and rehabilitation support to distressed humanity during time of emergency.


Balur Chor,Chor Khaskandi,Poschimdi,Sirajdikhan,Munsigonj,Dhaka,Bangladesh

E. Sajib

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