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Bamenda Handicraft Cooperative Society Ltd.

managed by Solomon S.

About us

The Bamenda Handicraft Cooperative Society Ltd. (BHCS) Was
established in 1964 with the assistance of some American peace corps
Douglas and Cynthia Kelley who had an interest in fostering Handicraft
production in the North West Region of Cameroon .
The organization was registered as a cooperative on the 14th of may 1964. in 1972, two American peace corps volunteers i.e. henry Gretchen and Homeyer were assigned specifically to Bamenda handicraft Cooperative society Limited (BHCS).
In the late 1990s, BHCS joined the International fair trade Association (IFAT). In 2005, the Dutch Embassy in Cameroon assisted BHCS with some grants for the plantation of 8 hectares of assorted trees. This was to sustain the craft industry that might be running out of raw materials. Other volunteers; Michael Breiner, Susanne Lasor Kambore, Ted, Fran and Jeannah lacey all from the USA came in October 2003 to revitalize the business.
The Bamenda handicraft Cooperative was re organized and registered under the cooperative law No 92/006 of the 4th August 1992 on February 14th 1994. BHCS holds registration No NW/CO/01/94/158.

To improve the living standard of craftsmen by pooling their resources
To facilitate the collection and marketing of craft through cooperative efforts
To promote the exportation of Cameroonian craft
To provide lucrative employment to young school graduates

BHCS is open to all craft men, youths, disable persons and women residence in the North west region and other Parts of Cameroon. To become an eligible member, you must be a craft man
Most craft marketed through BHCS are hand made goods. These include ; jewelries, work pottery, musical instruments etc. our shop is an ideal gift shop not only for local craft lovers but also for foreigners.
We have been exporting to Spain, Germany, Italy, USA, Latin America (Ecuador)

To improve on the living standard of disadvantaged handicraft producers in our community by building their capacities and looking for markets for their finished products.


Nkwen Up station Road

Solomon S.

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