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GoodHands International, Inc.

managed by S. Echtler

About us

Welcome to GoodHands

GoodHands was founded in 2008 as Florida Nonprofit Corporation so that socially-minded activists have a community to use their voice and hands. Our organization was created to positively impact impoverished lives. Our vision is a world where all citizens live a full and enriched life. We bring together dedicated activists who are ready and able to help fight social issues – poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and other global problems. Our goal is to improve the social and economic conditions for all citizens so that they are better able to become self-sufficient.

If you want to use your mind, body and spirit to help others, then GoodHands needs you. We are always looking for active, community-minded individuals and organizations that want to become members of the international GoodHands community. Meet us also in the GoodHands Forum for an information exchange and more.


911 East Shannon Ct

S. Echtler

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