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managed by Y. Matovu

About us

The overall Objective of DUC is to
1. Fight poverty
2.facillitate green growth
3.promote batter Living and working conditions in Developing Countries
4.Create Jobs in developing Coutries
5. Increase competitiveness
6. Promote Exchange og knowledge and Education
That benefits The Local community and society at large,
7. Learning Developing programs and new learning methods.
8. Promote healthcare services
9.promote The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
10. Global climate change and related phenomena.
Danish Ugandan Collaboration Academy educational Human Resource Development Center Organization Want to give The People In needed some Educational tools that can be used every day for a basic batter life.
Building our Department in Uganda is going to take some work, but with a solid plan , great advice and good support we can do it. We May find a little resistance In our process but it Will NOT make us stop.
- CEO Yuyu Matovu



Y. Matovu

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