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Radio Of The Others

managed by h. abuarra

About us

The voice of the Others.... From all over the world ....... Young people for young people and all people... We believe that all people all over the world deserve the right to be free from oppression. The idea of this project started in Palestine, but we aim to achieve a global community of people who want a fair world, no matter where you are. Oppression can come from many places, from your political situation, from military and/or cultural occupation, from poverty, misunderstanding religion, family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, at school, at work, at home, in the street: Injustice happens everywhere in the world!! We believe that radio and the internet transcends borders so that we can listen, share and create visions for a fair world. We want to fight injustice through music, art, culture and making connections with each other. So that there are 'NO CHECKPOINTS BETWEEN US!' The project will include cultural exchanges for young people from all over the world. WE CAN FIGHT TOGETHER! SAY NO TO INJUSTICE! Be part of it by sending an email to Rofto Radio... Radio of the OTHERS. or contact Haroon directly at



h. abuarra

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