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Solux e.V.

managed by F. Kies

About us

Sustainably improving the Quality of Life by the
SOLUX Solar Light Concept

To improve substantially the quality of life at the level of the individual/family, specifically in off-grid rural areas of the developing world at rather modest cost!

The SOLUX concept uses regenerative Solar Energy and offers Support for sustainable Development and Self-Help. Solux e.V. ( in Taufkirchen, a German NGO develops solar concepts and supports the distribution of mobile solar lanterns in developing countries.

SOLUX lanterns, the better light:
• 4 hours of environmental friendly light at night
• no additional consumption of resources (saving 35 L of kerosene per year)
• free of emissions during use (drastic reduction of CO2)
• designed for use under harsh conditions
• long lifetime (> 10 years)
• recyclable components
• de-central at the lowest level
• empowers user & strengthens self-responsibility
• universally applicable as room light & as mobile lamp
• new feature: charging mobile phones

Type of lamps:
• LED-100: the high-tech components & materials will be assembled on site (local workers + transfer of know-how).
• LED-50: when the commercial distribution of lamps as a substitute to kerosene lanterns is the main objective.

Solux light systems can be assembled/maintained with simple tools by trained personnel in the country of use. Sales are via local partners, often financed by micro credits.

2008, SOLUX was selected through a competition “lighting Africa”, initiated by the Worldbank, and uses the prize money for the project in Ghana.

Approximately 40,000 solar lanterns have been delivered, and more than 60 workshops have been established in developing countries so far.


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