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Hunderettung e.V.

managed by Nicole Linde

About us

We're a team of dedicated volunteers who put all of our time and energy towards helping dogs in need. We collaborate with 16 foreign animal shelters and animal welfare associations to rescue dogs from Perreras (kill shelters) and we get to know a dog's new family before we introduce them to their new home.

It's unfortunately very common for foreign shelters to be overcrowded or underfunded. New animals often cannot be taken in or treated by a vet. To help these shelters, we find loving foster families or kennels for our furry friends, bear the cost of surgery, house sick dogs in animal sanctuaries, and hire professional trainers as needed.

We'd love your help to provide a bright future for many more of our furry friends.

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Wir haben 526,48 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Nicole Linde  26 August 2021 at 04:00 PM

Liebe Spender,  durch eure Hilfe konnte eine trächtige Hündin, ein dringende Not-Op erhalten. Ohne eure Spendengelder, wäre der Kaiserschnitt und die medizinische Betreuung, der Hündin und ihren sieben Welpen nicht ermöglicht werden. 

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