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managed by L. Wafula

About us

I founded Project AFRICA with an aim to empower women in Rural Africa with skills and resources for enterprise development so that they can fight illiteracy, unemployment, gender inequality, poverty and above all the lack of self confidence in themselves.

I got the inspiration to establish this organization when I lost both my parents to HIV/aids. When my Mamma died in1991 and My Pappa in 1994, life was difficult for me and my sibblings. At the age of 14 years, I became a breadwinner , a caregiver and the head of the family. It was not easy and they pain of abuse, disinheritance, homelessness was biting deep in my heart. But I had to make a choice. Either to pity myself and let my life be shattered or to encourage myself to live up to my dreams.

PROJECT AFRICA is a registered NGO in Sweden but working with women in rural AFRICA.
OUR MISSION : Is to empower African women with skills and resources for enterprise Development.
OUR VISION : Is to focus on turning the vulnerability of Africa women into Victory and empowering them to be agents of Change, benefactors of the poor and role models in their communities. We tackle issues affecting women in Gender equality, Health and Nutrition, Human Rights, enviromental conservation , sustainable food production and Enterprise development

I chose the later: TO TURN MY PAIN INTO POWER. that is the driving force of my work with rural women and children in Africa. I know that many are vulnerable yet I have decided to see beyond their vulnerability and see victory. If i made it They too can make it

I therefore embarked on this life changing and destny creating Project ( PROJECT AFRICA)

Latest project news

Should Goats Produce chicken Or a Local pharmacy?

  L. Wafula  04 March 2009 at 01:57 AM
Dear sponsors, I hope you are all fine. I have received a report from Lungalunga about mammas the dairy Goat project. A meeting wit heifer international staf on the ground and our project leaders revealed that cost of one Goat wil be about 150 Euro. This will need zero grazing, unfortunately there has been poor rain fall in the Area and there is a scacity of Grass. the Agricultural officers advice that the project may not be ultimately be viable with unpredictable grass supply. The traditional goats are cheaper but not profitable. The women have suggested converting the Goat project into two. one a poultry keeping project of exotic chicken breed highly marketable in the coastal region because of many tourist hotels. two they suggested to open a pharmacy in the village, employ a phamarcist and sell over the counter and prescription medicine to the local community. There is no chemist in Lungalunga and a needs assessment shows that at least 200 people attend the loca dispensary every day. I could not advice the women to pursue either of these two projects without the consent of you kind wellwishers who supported the project of mamma's Goat project. Kindly advice us what your opinion would be.
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