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St. Joseph The Worker Pre & Primary School is a Faith Based Private owned education institute whose main Vision Statement is to provide high quality education which is affordable and gives a strong foundation for the future careers of the Children & Youth , Early childhood Development , Education , Mentorship , Youth leadership , Development & Prosperity , Employment , Rural development and Sustainable development .

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What a noble course to invest in

  St. Joseph The Worker Primary S.  20 December 2009 at 04:51 PM

Kenya's poverty has been decimating educational efforts as children in many parts of the rural communities face incredible obstacles in getting an education. For example, in Nakuru Kenya,Roriet a tiny village between two mountain ranges, many children must walk a mile or more to school. These children long to have their very own school kit, which includes a notebook, a ruler, pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, paper, crayons, and safety scissors. But many parents have no regular income and cannot afford it. In highlands of Mau Forest, children have very poor school facilities. During the raining season, the children are exposed to extremely cold temperature,so half of them drop out for those months. In Nakur town a provincial head quarters, thousands of vulnerable children live on the streets.Many of them have left school and beg for food,often falling into a life of crime. The incidence of HIV and AIDS has left scores of vulnerable children living in child-headed households,or staying with ailing parents or with poor relatives who struggle to support their own children.If these children do attend school,they lack food, school fees, and uniforms, which causes a high dropout rate. You can take a child off the streets, give an orphan a brighter future, or enable an illiterate child to learn to read and write. Please respond to our request as we beleive out there your constribution shall make St. Joseph School's project a success story. Guys it a worthy course to put in your one doller... keep on thinkning about his noble kids of god especially during this Christmass times

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