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managed by P. omukongolo

About us is a unique powerful online advertising point, which is a cost effective exposure of your products/services. It’s your ultimate today’s solution for micro enterprises (SME’S) & multinationals where everyone loots vital information, and also everyone can earn an extra income by being a freelance sales executive, selling online advertising space to companies. Freelance sales executives work at their own pase, with set sales targets. Because every one of us wants to advertise to friends and customers what we do…..

Theworldbillboard is designed to be independently owned by different advertising investors, interested in franchised internet advertising business, edition for all countries. This enables franchisees in different countries, to collect and advertise up to date information from micro enterprises to multinationals. Thus we leverage companies brand powers to various target markets with advertising packages that take care of small and big advertising budgets.

Remember!! A good product/service without local & international exposure is like winking to a lady in the dark, but theworldbillboard would like your products and services to wink to their niche target audience in the light. Theworldbillboard will have more than 225 editions e.g. Uganda, Tanzania, Italy, South Africa, Zambia, USA, UK, Dubai etc designed to the needs of that particular country, in terms of advertising needs.
It’s also the ultimate solution to the unemployment problem to millions of youth locally and internationally


Moi road P.o box 17040 Nakuru .kenya (E.A)

P. omukongolo

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