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Sts. Peter and Paul Academy.

managed by P. Manjalla.

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Proposal: To build an English medium, Academy; prep to form 6 school, in Tanzania which will serve a mixed socio economic population. The school would follow the Tanzanian curriculum while incorporating the best of North American and European methodology and outcomes.The school would emphasize,in addition to academic excellence, strong moral values and a sense of service.It is the vision of the school that by bringing students from a variety of socio-economic groups together, and providing them with a quality education the school will be able to provide adults who will take their part as leaders locally, regionally and nationally: adults with strong values, a sense of service and an ability to analyze and solve some of the countries problems for the good of all citizens.Objectives: To develop a school of capable students that is inclusive of different aspects of Tanzanian society.To develop students who are successful in the Tanzanian curriculum.To develop students who are thoughtful, reflective problem solvers.To develop students with a strong sense of right and wrong



P. Manjalla.

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