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The aid organization Primavera was founded by ten employees of the company Robert Bosch, with the aim to help children from the slums in developing and emerging countries and to offer them a new perspective.

Although the number of members has risen considerably in the meantime, the organization still consists of former and active Bosch employees mostly. Thus, the social responsibility of the company founder Robert Bosch is being carried on in the world.

Primavera does not limit its initiatives on medical care or the basic needs of more than 15,000 children, who are currently supported. For the organization it is important, to offer children a way out of the poverty cycle. Therefore, we support many educational or vocational activities to to enable them an independent living in the long-term.

Supported are 40 projects in 15 different countries, which are managed by volunteering employees at the local Bosch locations and together with social facilities on site. Thus, every euro donated by members, friends, sponsors numerous events and countless private initiatives flows directly into the project groups.

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Latest project news

Fertigstellung des 2021 errichteten Wohngebäudes

  Harald Walter  12 October 2021 at 10:11 AM

Das 2021 errichtete Wohngebäude erhält seit letzter Woche den letzten Schliff. Das Gebäude ist mittlerweile fertig verputzt und wurde nun gestrichen. Damit steht dem Einzug von weiteren 16 Kindern nichts mehr im Wege.
Anlässlich der guten Nachrichten haben wir gestern ein digitales Kochevent veranstaltet, um den Primavera Mitgliedern vom aktuellen Projektstand zu berichten.
Glücklicherweise konnten wir an diesem Abend bereits Spenden für die nächste Stufe des Projekts, einer gemeinsamen Bibliothek, sammeln.

Wir möchten uns ganz herzlich für eure Unterstützung bedanken!
Euer Primavera Team


The residential building, built in 2021, has received the finishing touches since last week. The building is now completely plastered and has now been painted. This means that there is nothing standing in the way of another 16 children moving in.
On the occasion of the good news, we organized a digital cooking event to tell the Primavera members about the current status of the project yesterday.
Fortunately, we were able to collect donations for the next stage of the project, a common library, that evening.

We would like to thank you for your support!
Your Primavera Team

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