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Kwareslum Youth Self-help Group

managed by J. Obiria

About us

Village Computer and Internet access center
This project is based on the realization that despite the fact that people living in the rural remote areas are the majority, they are the most disadvantaged in terms of accessibility to information for development. Most of our rural village youth and women have heard of the computer but have not actually seen or touched one. Thus, in order to make ICT accessible to the rural poor, Kwareslum self-help Group is proposing to put up a Telecenter in the village to help bridge the digital divide by bringing computers and connecting them to the Internet and then training them to acquire useful skills
It is the organization’s belief that the rural community has a lot of potential in terms of talents and skills and if members are empowered and mobilized, they create a positive change eventually raising their standards of living. Just as the future of any Nation lies on its youthful citizens, so does Kwareslum uphold the role of the youth in bringing positive change in their community and in Kenya as a whole.
In the village, people don’t have access to computers or Internet. They are viewed as luxuries since most people lack the basic needs like food and shelter. Most of the students from the village are therefore forced to walk miles to seek Internet and library facilities in far removed places from the village. In the process, most of the students from the poor families have been performing poorly due to lack of such facilities.

The project targets all the members of the community particularly the children, youth and women who are mainly marginalized socially, culturally, economically and politically as well. The level and concentration of poverty in the area has denied the residents accessibility to current and up to date information unlike their counterparts from privileged areas, which is vital for their social, political and economic knowledge and development.


Igenaitambe village

J. Obiria

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