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Nyakasanga Dev't Comm Foundation(NYAKU)

managed by M. Specioza

About us

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NYAKU is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides support to marginalized communities across Kasese District of Western Uganda. The formation of NYAKU was out of deep aspiration by a group of motivated youth to respond to the plight of children, youth, women, and men impacted greatly by political conflict, disease, extreme poverty, and other detriments in Kasese District, western Uganda
Empowering people and they become self-reliant/dependent community, living quality and dignified lives in peaceful co-existence.
To become a leading, strong and result oriented group that Empower Human Rights, Conserve Environment, Fight poverty and interests of the Communities in Kasese District and Rwenzori region at large
The organization’s aim is to support the integration and transformation of underprivileged, underserved communities into the development decision machinery and give everyone a choice for access to - and utilization of available resources. The idea to form this organization was to create a platform for empowering rural resource communities to contribute to sustainable livelihoods among the local, underprivileged communities, especially in their social, health, and economic well-being.
Our programs are designed to benefit women, youth and young people especially orphans and vulnerable children and especially chronically ill patients. We hope that by empowering young people and women to build communities, we can create long-lasting change through generations. We use very flexible approaches with a strong emphasis on active participation from our beneficiaries and their skills and talents.
NYAKU has a very strong goal of improving the quality of life of the vulnerable children Women, orphans and youth through providing education, giving care, love and support in income generating projects. Additionally, it promotes empowerment of rural Community people in various areas affecting humanity.
To realize the above vision, mission and goal, the forum has set the following objectives:
 To build the capacity of the members to respond to different socio-economic and political opportunities and challenges and to eliminate barriers to Youths full
 participation in the socio-economic and political arena.
 To strengthen the institutional capacity of the forum to meet its mandate in a cost effective and sustainable manner.
 To strengthen the influence and capacity of leaders and activists in promoting policy formulation, development and proper implementation of policies and programmes directed at the welfare.
 To define the common good and historical mission.
 To institutionalize the structures and accountable leadership
NYAKU program lies under the following thematic areas;-
(a). Health initiatives: which involves Menstrual Health Management (MHM) project promoting menstrual health education supported with sanitary product provision to girls/ women, and Community Health Project promoting preventative skills; demand for quality care; and access to better healthcare.
Health and Sanitation Program: NYAKU is involved in sensitizing the people about water borne diseases, general health and sanitation. Our plan is to provide safe drinking water to address the sanitary problem. We are vigorously seeking funding for constructing safe water sources (storage tanks, springs, etc) in school and the community as an effort to promote access to CLEAN SAFE WATER, and reduce the time wasted by school children in collecting water.
We have completed construction of rain water storage tank at our school which was funded by The Share Institute.
(b). Education initiatives: which involves Education Support Project using multiple interventions to promote and support quality education as a tool to fight poverty, and Schools Twining and Pen-Pal Project that links schools in Kasese District and schools abroad to make a global learning environment.
Education program: The rebels called Allied Democratic force (ADF) came in Kasese in 1996 and killed many people who left behind many children as orphan. This resulted in to illiterate because those children had no support in terms of fees payment. Therefore, we started our organization to supplement the orphans in basic needs and fees payment.

The education of the world’s children is high on the global agenda. In the context of education for all children should receive free, good quality education. The reality is that millions of the world’s children are too poor to benefit from the declaration, unless there are special interventions that target their development. Unfortunately, such children do not form a special social category in poverty eradication intervention programs. These programs, have helped many orphans to stay long in schools hence controlling early marriage and un necessary pregnancy.

Our organization is supposed to provide education skills and constructing school for those children. Therefore, we are seeking support from you to join us in any way of help. Our organization supports children in primaries only and we are looking forward to put them in all levels of education and we build young generations’ minds.
(c). Orphans and Vulnerable Children support: which aims to create a sense of humor among these children affected by wars, HIV/AIDS and other detriments and provide long-term, sustainable benefits to the communities through the Children’s Community Center (CCC) model that will involve;- children’s village, community school, community centre, community clinic, and care takers project.
(d). Community initiatives: which involves food security project that address the three pillars: food availability, food access, and food utilization; Revolving Microcredit Project ( income generating projects) that ensure socio-economic security for vulnerable communities; and Tournament for Change (TFC) Project that harness the power of soccer to unite and educate people about issues of peace living.
(e) Bee keeping project: NYAKU has also started a bee keeping project enabling women to band together to boost one another's income that give them the skills and confidence to transform their lives and their community. It has also prevent hundreds of children from dying or having their growth stunted from malnutrition
The project has provided 100 women with $50-$100 microloans to help them start 500 beehives using modern equipment and techniques. It will also set up 30 women’s beekeeping organizations, with about 50 members each, providing training and support.
(f). Environmental Conservation: NYAKU is working on tree nurseries and briquette fuel (charcoal alternative) to environmental conservation and empower women and the youth in the communities and areas of operation. This will enormously strengthen NYAKU further more and enable it to perform its board activities of outreach to many communities within the region as scheduled by the management
NYAKU has been able to support institutions and communities to plant over 70,000 tree seedlings of different species as a way to enhance community and hilly ecosystems. Resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change. This has been achieved through partnerships and support from Government, NFA, NEMA and the lower local government.
We therefore seek for partnership with you and request that you support us with 50,000 tree seedlings to distribute to our farmers.

Agriculture is the main activity of the total production in KASESE District. Most food got from agriculture is used for home consumption like 88% while the remaining 12% is for sale. It remains however, a region with a poor rural population with the majority living below the poverty line. The majority of the households have a cash income of less than $1. About 88% of the economically active population has no formal employment. Therefore NYAKU needs support to boost agriculture.
• Poultry farming
NYAKU has tried establish poultry farms projects in Kasese districts where members are trained how to keep and manage small family business in which we gave layers and boilers (100 and 50) respectively to 2 members that has slowly empowered them economically since it is income generating from the sale of eggs and boilers. However, NYAKU expects the beneficiaries to be active in the loan and saving scheme as a way of fighting poverty in the families.

• The Piggery Revolving Project
NYAKU is considering the piggery project which has benefited a few members so far since it has been lacking enough support. The beneficiaries here are especially women though the youth will be next beneficiaries since there is rotation of the pigs as new piglets are born, this is aimed at empowering women and the youth by earning small incomes from sale of young piglets and also developing skills in piggery caring. This will financially empower the beneficiaries and also reduce on poverty in families.

Much Support is needed since the project is planned to benefit the youth and this will surely engage them in the running the project which will be also rotational. This support can be in kind; pigs, poles and timber to cater for their shelter, animals’ feeds, and veterinary services, gum boots, financial support or volunteering.

(h). Sports/ Talent Development-Project (SDP)
NYAKU is trying to engage the local youth especially in different sport activities with an aim of developing talent among them, which includes football, rugby, bike riding, table and long tennis, basket ball, swimming and netball. The sports desk is also considering adding tennis and golf on the calendar as majors port though NYAKU finds difficult to run all the activities without external support which are now requesting for ,to keep the project running.

NYAKU welcomes support in any form which may be in kind; sports jerseys, football boots, balls, first aid kits, rugby balls, tennis kits, baskets balls, financial, volunteering, and idea suggestion as urgent ones. This will enormously strengthen NYAKU further more and enable it to perform its board activities of outreach to many communities within the region as scheduled by the management.

(i). Credit Saving
The members of NYAKU have already started a Credit and Saving scheme in which every member is required to save UGX. 8,000 every month, and also gives out small loans to members of the organization which in turn is received back with a small interest.
NYAKU has no sustainable income-stream and funding sources to run the above programs, so we rely on contributions from individuals and donor funds. The following are some of the funding sources;
(i) Internal sources:- Board contributions; sales (incomes) from projects; or any other funding mechanism established by the organization.
(ii) External sources:- Grants; donations; well-wishers’ contributions including gifts; and saving contributions.
Equality for all: God made all people equal; our organization is committed to a development process that promotes equality and which has value to all individuals

Rights and dignity for all: our community believes in and strives to uphold the rights and dignity of all people especially in the rural communities.

Stewardship: our group believes in God to protect the dignity of everybody to exploit the Earthy goods in accordance with God’s Law and individual order.

Institutional partnership in development: our community welcomes and respects ongoing International initiatives and national policies to take care and give support to vulnerable children and disadvantaged people fight poverty, ignorance and diseases such as Malaria, immunisable diseases and HIV/AIDS. Our activities will be unison and collaboration with other stakeholders through education


Our offices are located off Kabarole –Kasese high way opposite Bugema University, Kasese campus on Mbogoyabwe road near WARID mast in Nyakasanga west, Nyamwamba division, kasese municipality in Kasese district.

M. Specioza

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