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• Catechesis in a dechristianized world; a world of those who grew up in the context of a Christian tradition ,but in fact live on the fringes or outside, indifferent or hostile to the visible community of believers. This catechesis shall be Pascal, Christ-centered and personal in order to facilitate a personal conversion. Personal conversions yield a transformation of life and in, the larger context; lend hope to the possibility of transforming the world. By promoting lay ministries, we shall form the foundation in which further personal conversion becomes possible, for both the ministering and those receiving the ministering.

• The increasing decline in the number of youth committing themselves to religious life is not only a manifest of dechristianization, but also of the ignorance among our youth about religious life. Even those who have the desire to join religious life, fail to discern this vocation properly. UCYM shall occasionally inform the youth about the numerous existing religious orders and congregations.




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