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BUND Fledermauszentrum Hannnover

managed by G. Becker

About us

About us - The volunteers of Friends of the Earth Bat Center Germany Hannover: Secretly - but not scary, the bats. In former times people got scared because of bats, but today the bats get more and more friends among us people. The Team of the FOE Bat Center Hannover is a strong lobby for these strictly protected animals, the only flying mammals on earth!

- We explore the habitats of the bats in the Region of Hannover
- We stand up for the preservation and protection of the highly endangered bat stocks and their habitats
- We guide people on bat excursions through the Eilenriede and Hermann Löns Park
- We care for injured bats in our bat station until they can be released back to the wild
- We provide information about bats and their protection.

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Latest project news

Unser Stand beim Umweltforum Hannover 2023

  G. Becker  10 September 2023 at 11:34 AM

Wir sind heute (10.09.2023) noch bis 17 Uhr vor Ort – kommt gerne vorbei!  (Hinweis: Die Fledermäuse in den Schaukästen sind Kunststoffmodelle.)  

#bats #Fledermäuse #BUND #FOE 
#BUND_FMZ #Tiere #Animals 

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