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About us - The volunteers of Friends of the Earth Bat Center Germany Hannover: Secretly - but not scary, the bats. In former times people got scared because of bats, but today the bats get more and more friends among us people. The Team of the FOE Bat Center Hannover is a strong lobby for these strictly protected animals, the only flying mammals on earth!

- We explore the habitats of the bats in the Region of Hannover
- We stand up for the preservation and protection of the highly endangered bat stocks and their habitats
- We guide people on bat excursions through the Eilenriede and Hermann Löns Park
- We care for injured bats in our bat station until they can be released back to the wild
- We provide information about bats and their protection.

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Latest project news

Braunes Langohr gerettet // Plecotus auritus rescued

  G. Becker  28 June 2022 at 09:07 AM

Dieses Braune Langohr Fledermausmännchen wurde nass, verschmutzt, sehr schwach und mit Hämatomen an beiden Oberarmen außen an einem Pool gefunden. Braune Langohren trinken im Flug über eine Wasserfläche. Vermutlich ist das Tier in den Pool geraten und hat seine letzten Kräfte gebraucht, um wieder aus dem Wasser zu kommen. Jetzt ist es bei uns auf Station und erholt sich von dem Unfall. Wie Sie Gefahren für Fledermäuse rund um’s Haus minimieren können, sehen Sie hier:  

This male brown Plecotus auritus bat was found wet, dirty, very weak and with hematomas on both upper arms outside a pool. Plecotus auritus bats drink in flight over a surface of the water. The animal probably got into the pool and used the last of its strength to get out of the water. It is now in our station recovering from the accident. Here you can see how you can minimize dangers for bats around the house:  

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