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Sun, beach and sea, a fantastic nature, comfortable hotels, smart restaurants and bars, makes Las Terrenas on the Samana peninsula in the Dominican Republic the popular tourist destination. But away from the "bright side of life" the reality looks completely different: according to the latest estimates, approximately 40% of the population live under the poverty border.
The non-profit project "Los Ninos de Leonardo y Meredith" founded in September 2006, offers to 15 children a chance of an education and thus a promising future. The 15 students are divided into 2 groups to ensure that each child receives adequate personal attention, a necessity when so many of the students have learning disabilities and other social and behavioral problems.
With a 6 hours school day, a small building with 2 "classrooms", an office and a kitchen, was rented and renovated in 2006, thanks to generous donations. Two uniforms, backpacks, school supplies and text books are supplied to each student by the organization. To ensure that no child is learning on an empty stomach, the students receive a daily breakfast and a hot lunch cooked on the premises by the schools’ full time chef.
With completion of the 5th grade, the children will continue at a private local sister school to pursue the upper classes and graduation, of course, still supported by the organization „Los Niños de Leonardo y Meredith“. Everything has its price: The expenses are about US$ 36.000 per year.
And there are already plans for the future: the acquisition of a piece of land and the construction of a school building with several classrooms to include grade kindergarten-5. With the hopes of 75 children can having the opportunity to attend school
Donations are always welcome; monetary donations, food and school supplies are most helpful and 100% of every donation is spent to support the costs of the school.
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Great news! We are proud to announce the graduation of 17 students!

  D. Matthesius  31 July 2012 at 07:17 AM

We have great news - 17 of our students have passed their exit exams and have been accepted to Nuevo Despertar, the best private high school in the region!  This nearly 90% success rate further demonstrates the hard work put forth by our teachers, volunteers, and most importantly our amazing students.  It also shows that your support is truly making a difference in the lives of some very special children. As excited as we are about our 17 graduates, we refuse to consider the two who did not make is as failing.  When they came to us, these students could not read or write, had no documentation (such as birth certificates), and in many instances did not know their own last names.  Over the years, our students, regardless of whether their final level of achievement, have worked to improve their lives.  We are proud of each and every student that has come through our program. Our level of commitment to our students and the children of Las Terrenas will not diminish.  Los Ninos will pay for the tuition of each student at Nuevo Despertar, as well as provide after school tutoring and lunch for our graduates.  At the same time, we will accept a new cohort of 10 students to start first grade in the fall. We have nearly reached our sponsorship goals.  $80 per student per month pays for it all - and together with our current generous donors already pledging, we humbly ask you to consider a monthly sponsorship of $20, $40, or whatever you can afford so that we may continue our promise to the students to take them as far as their dreams allow. We also take a moment to sincerely thank you all for making this achievement possible.  We are truly changing destinies!

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