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HUGU Youth Development Foundation

managed by M. Magala

About us

HUGU Youth Development Foundation is a community based organisation located in Uganda East Africa Sironko District.
We offer training in Primary Health Care, Enrolled Comprehensive Nursing, Vocational i..e. Bricklaying and concrete practice, sawing and kneeting and motor vehicle mechanics.
The majority of the youth in Sironko District dropped out of school due to lack of school fees. This made them to stay jobless thus leading a poverty and poor condition in the community.
Basing on the fact that iliteracy and ignorance are major source of poverty and poor health.
There was no way this community could improve with problem staying un addressed.
Basing on the problems stated above Hugu Youth Development Foundation was formed on the basis of empowering youth and women with basic skills that would improve the life of people in the community and their homestead.


Mutufu - Budadiri Road

M. Magala

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