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Watoto wa Kenya Society

managed by J. Cruse

About us

(Kenya's Children Society- translated in swahili)

Watoto wa Kenya is a set up in order to raise funds and awareness concerning the many issues that negatively affect children and communities within Kenya. We work closely with three Kenyan based projects that help and support needy and vulnerable children.

Our aims are simple:
1.To create and sustain relationships with Kenyan based projects who positively affect the lives of children and communities in Kenya, negatively affected by socio-economic factors
2.To organise fundraising events regularly in order to raise funds and donate to the projects affiliated with Watoto wa Kenya
3.To organise sponsorship programmes in order for UK donors to provide funding for individuals in Kenya to go to school and meet all other small economic needs
4.To raise awareness in the UK about the socio-economic factors negatively affecting children and communities in Kenya
5.To do all we can to change the lives of as many as physically possible


Cambrian Street

J. Cruse

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