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Actions de Développement Intègre et Durable (ADID)

managed by ADID C.

About us

ADID, litteraly defined in French as "Actions de Développement Intègre et Durable" is a Cameroonian local Non Governmental Organization, officially recognized by the government three years ago. Its main office is in Douala and its activities cover the entire territory of Cameroon.

ADID mission is to promote sustainable development through solidarity, information, advocacy, public education and the search for effective solutions to major environmental and social problems.

Its objective is to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Cameroon by implementing activities such as:

 Supporting local authorities in their natural resources management,

 fighting against poverty, unemployment, delinquency ...

 Training and capacity building of stakeholders for an integral development and their full company development;

 Protecting the environment and human health;

 Promote the democracy, the gender approach, culture of peace and solidarity between peoples;