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Tugce Albayrak e.V.

managed by D. Albayrak

About us

On 15.11.2014, Tugce Albayrak showed the courage to stand up for others in need of protection, regardless of the possible consequences. She did not look away, but selflessly helped others in need. Her civil courage made her the victim of a brutal violent crime.

In memory of Tugce and her righteous actions, her family and relatives feel the mission to take responsibility and therefore founded the non-profit "Tugce Albayrak" Association. This association is to contribute to the fact that violence stands in the society at the bottom and charity at the top. This association is supposed to embody the characteristics of Tugce and act just like her for a better world. To realize this approach, the association pursues the following goals:

Promoting assistance to civil victims as well as victims of crime.
Promotion of crime prevention and public safety
Promotion of education about organ donation

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Wir haben 4.855,43 € Spendengelder erhalten

  D. Albayrak  24 February 2021 at 02:14 PM
Spende an Krebskranke Kinder e.V.

Zum Ende des Jahres 2020 erreichte uns zum wiederholten Mal eine Spende vom 
Tugce Albayrak e.V. 5000 Euro - Was für eine tolle Summe! Wir möchten uns von ganzem Herzen 3-fach bei Euch bedanken.  

Nicht nur für diese unfassbare Spendensumme, sondern auch für Euer Engagement, die Events, die Workshops, Aktionen und Mahnwachen die Ihr veranstaltet. Ihr macht die Welt zu einer besseren.Wenn Ihr mehr erfahren wollt, besucht den
Tugce Albayrak e.V. doch gerne mal auf ihrer Website:

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