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FEDA-Femmes et Education des Adultes

managed by Lamartine B.

About us

1. Creation
FEDA is created on September 8, 2007 at the occasion of International Literacy Day following the needs of providing education and income generation opportunities to women, who as a result of the conflict were denied an education and now, need support to help re-building their lives. FEDA recognizes Education as a tool for transformation

2. Mission and Goal
FEDA aims at:
-Heightening social awareness,
-Increasing poorest girls school enrolment, self-confidence and personality development,
-Promoting gender equity , women’s rights, women’s social and economic empowerment and the status of women in the community,
-Enabling educational equality, decision-making, leadership and help to build peace

3.Beneficiaries of FEDA
-Illiterate’s women and girls
-Women and girls affected by the armed violence and disease’s
-Girls from poorest settings
-The rural community

4.Main Activities
-Home based literacy learning
-Foreign language learning
-Education on HIV / AIDS prevention and reproductive health
-Vocational trainings
-Support for formal education of girls victimized by the war
-Peace education- positive conflict management,
-Capacity building on the participation of women in leadership and decision making.
-Women and children’s rights education and advocacy.

5. Structure and Names of Board Members
64 Members of FEDA form part of the annual general meeting for elections, appraisal of reports and provision of more perspectives. Five elected members form the Board of Directors, elected for three years for decision and administration and the coordination of staff and volunteers available for implementation of programs and projects.

Mrs.KASHINDI MONA ( Secretary fo the Board)
Mrs.ECHA BUNYEMU ( Delagate)
Mrs. ADIJA AMISI ( Delagate)
Madam LAMARTINE BYAHENGA ( Executive secretary)

6. Collaboration
1. Local collaborators
FEDA collaborates with organizations in local level and is a member of networks namely: SOS-Grandmothers, Program for defence and promotion of women’s rights in rural areas, Abolition, OPM-Uvira, FH-Bukavu, Baptist Communaity, CELA, CEDI Etc…

2. International collaborators and donors
FEDA works in collaboration with Feed the Minds (UK), Strategies for Hope (UK), X-Y ( Netherlands), Nando peretti foundation ( Italy), MIVA( Geneva), Pollination project( USA) for capacity buiding and funding


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Congo (Democratic Republic)

Lamartine B.

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