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Umbrella of Hope Chidren Centre foundation
The Umbrella of Hope Foundation objectives are to accommodate, care, empower orphans, abused and neglected children to become healthy responsible citizens through provision of basic education, practical and life skills. Through well-focused programs, managed by skilled and dedicated volunteers and personnel. Umbrella of hope envisions a world of sustainable livelihood for all.

The main goal/objective of Umbrella of Hope is supporting Millennium Development Goals in which a 'full course of primary education' is a basic building block of development aimed at reducing poverty by 2015.

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  Wambui G.  12 April 2012 at 01:17 PM


We congratulate Mwanaindi on passing her secondary school exams


Mwanaindi had excellent results and with an average of “B+” she will have direct access to a Kenya University. Kenyan universities have a limited number of places and accept only the best students.


Mwanaindi wants to be  a doctor. We hope she will be accepted


Mwanaidi  lost her mother to cancer  at a young age and her father was seriously injured in a traffic accident and  is in a wheelchair and she and her siblings take care of him besides their school work


Mwanaindi has other siblings. All of them are in school or college thru sponsors  



The Umbrella of Hope foundation was able to find a sponsor Who Paid all her school fees and other  costs  related to her studies


We thank her sponsor Mr Paul Bauer in the Netherlands  and we hope that many will follow his  example

There are many Mwanaindi’s in the world that will only be able to finish Secondary schools with your help !


(Be the change you want to see in the world ( Gandhi)

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Wambui G.

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