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Hagancatwright Organization

managed by I. kamara

About us

Hagancatwright organization is a youth organization that is formed in the community to promote and developed the community and the youth as well and to engage the youth for a better futures development initiatives.
We could like to ask your organization to formed a membership with your organization, the hagancatwright organization is a local community base organization that is register in sierra Leone west Africa under the Freetown city council, National Youth commission and it main operation area are in the Hagan street Marbella, and slum areas and it environ in the western Area of the main business district. We work with our fellow local youth groups in the community and other International NGO
Our activities that we undertake are in youth development issued in the community and the country as a hold, like for instance we advocate and also take part in youth programmed, Education, Food Aid, HIV and AIDS, malaria, Violence, Drug Abuse, Gender base Violence, Teenage Pregnancy domestic violence, child abuse, child marriag, rape, water and sanitation etc. Also in community development, as the community is facing a serious constrain in this issued I have lighted and other issued that is partaking to youth development


Hagan Street
Sierra Leone

I. kamara

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