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Madhya Pradesh Samaj Seva Sanstha

managed by Augustine M.

About us

The Catholic Church of Madhya Pradesh region has the social work activities, mainly undertaken at two levels i.e. the Forum Level and the Diocesan (Partner) Level. The Forum level organization was registered under the name Madhya Pradesh Samaj Seva Sanstha in the year 1998 and is basically involved in the capacity building activities of the diocesan staff whereas each diocese under Madhya Pradesh region has an independent registered wing for the Social Work and is involved directly in the field level activities. During the initial stages of the inception of the social work wing the approach towards the work had been charity based and welfare oriented. But with the first steps into the 21st century the social work activities have witnessed a paradigm shift in its approach. The first shift witnessed to was towards the Right Based Approach and in the last two years the People Led Development Approach. Though in the initial stages of its inception the PLD approach has started delivering results and has become a motivating force for MPSSS and its partners to carry ahead the development task in this approach mode in the coming years.
Madhya Pradesh Samaj Seva Sanstha (MPSSS) is facilitating and coordinating the development activities of 9 Diocesan Social Service Societies of M.P. region. Today overseas donor support is fast dwindling & the need for positive intervention for the development of poor & marginalized sections of the society is acquiring great importance. MPSSS along with the 9 partners are making all efforts to empower the community to make right choices, & help them to decide for themselves what road they have to take for their development, for creation of a just society where there is justice, peace & love. These efforts are taken to liberate themselves. MPSSS is also helping the DSSS by doing monitoring of the existing PLD project and also supports by technical guidance to the teams of PLDP.
The following are the 9 partners of Madhya Pradesh Samaj Seva Sanstha,
Asha Niketan Welfare Centre – Bhopal Qwalior catholic Samaj Seva, Gwalior
Indore Diocesan Social work Society – Indore Manav Vikas Seva Sangh, Sagara
Kripa Social Welfare society, Ujjain Samaritans Social Service Society, Satna
Khandwa Diocese Social Service Society, Khandwa Jabalpur diocesan Social Service society, Jabalpur
Pragati, Jhabua

Existing and Previous Projects:
MPSSS is the regional forum for social development programs undertaken in the Madhya Pradesh region. MPSSS do play the role of coordination and facilitation to these 9 partners. MPSSS also have projects by which it is helping the partner organizations in the implementation of few projects or activities by enhancing the capacity of the staff, and timely monitoring & evaluation. Some of the projects which are at present the strength of MPSSS are:
• Organizational and Programme Development Support to 9 DSSS of M.P. supported by CARITAS India
• Facilitate Capacity Building amongst the staff at Forum & Diocesan level in M.P. to promote People Led Development process supported by Misereor Germany.
• Campaign towards an accountable WASH sector in Rural MP supported by Water Aid UK
• Provision of Community Health Services and Scale-up of Intervention on Communicable decease mainly HIV/AIDS supported by CHAI-Misereor.
• Involvement of Rural Health care providers in T.B. Care and Control in Alirajpur districts supported by Eli Lily Foundation, Paris.
• Project AKSHAYA (GFR-9) – Providing Universal Access to DR TB Control services and Strengthening Civil Society involvement in TB care & control.


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