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Joyhome E.C.D Kenya

managed by A. Roth

About us

Joyhome E.C.D Kenya - A Kindergarten and a primary school.

Serah Roth-Kabocha a professional teacher from Nyandarua/Kenya, and husband Andre Roth a Swiss citizen, have founded this School, and built it with their own money.
We are a self -help group depending on our selfs. The project started in 1999 where parents and teachers joined together to form Joyhome E.C.D . We are steadily growing each and every year, and the number of children rising up continuously.
We provide activities and education for children aged 1 to 14 years old, coming from all kinds of different backgrounds.

Our vision is to cater for each and every child in the community to get good education and developing the children into good members of society.Being able to stand for themselves and change things for the better.
We offer Childhood education and care.
Different activities take place, like number work language,enviromental ,creative,music and movements as well as physical education.
The children are divided into three classes according to their age and ability.
Every year we do the transition of children whereby the children join primary school.

The monthly schoolfee for a Pre-Primary child is:
10 US$/ Euro/CHF (aprox. 900 Kenyan Shillings) which adds up to 120.- US$/Euro/CHF per year.
Including schooluniform, meals and everything that will be needed.
Donors do get pictures and a background report of the sponsored child from us. Also you have the possibility to visit your child, or to get in touch through mail.

The monthly schoolfee for a Primary School child is:
15 US$/Euro/CHF (aprox. 1400 Kenyan Shillings) which adds up to180.- US$/Euro/CHF per year.

Usually a sponsorship lasts as long as the child visits the Joyhome E.C.D school, meaning until end of primary school.
But of course you may cancel your sponsorship at any time if you wish to.

A Sponsorship brings a lot of joy...
To the child and to the sponsor :-)


Dorfstrasse 63

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